Főoldal \ Sajtóközpont \ Hírek \ On October 14, the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry held an online conference on the topic: “Experience and prospects of cooperation between Hungarian and Russian enterprises in innovative healthcare sectors”

On October 14, the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry held an online conference on the topic: “Experience and prospects of cooperation between Hungarian and Russian enterprises in innovative healthcare sectors”

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The announced topic of the conference is more than relevant due to the current situation, namely the COVID-19 pandemic. As vice-president of the MCCI Suren Vardanyan said, “the world has faced completely different threats, completely different influencing factors”. He called the webinar participants to talk about what is possible to do together and what the Hungarian side can present to the Russian market today, as well as search for positions that can be relevant and effective for business circles as a result of interaction between structures such as the MCCI , HEPA agency and Hungarian CCI.

Pavel Ilyin, Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Hungary, explained briefly the situation with the implementation of foreign economic projects in the field of healthcare. “We are receiving more and more requests from Russian companies to establish contacts with Hungarian partners. This year, we received twelve applications for the supply of medical goods and equipment, six of them from Moscow and Moscow region”, said the trade representative. He also named three problems that Russian companies usually face when entering the European market. These are certification, the need to provide after-sales and post-warranty services, as well as the complexity of competition in the conditions of preferences of the EU countries. He noted that the localization or partial localization of production at the final stage in the EU will help resolve the issue with both certification and after-sales service. Pavel Ilyin stressed that the main task of the trade mission is to help Russian companies enter the Hungarian and EU markets.

Dmitry Peshkov, Director on External Communications of the Moscow office of the Hungarian Export Development Agency HEPA, spoke about the agency's activities in the field of healthcare, and the development director of this organization, Igor Vereikin, stated that the agency, together with the MCCI, are ready to do everything to search for the most effective and reliable Hungarian partners for Russian entrepreneurs.

Evgeny Bochkarev, a member of the Working Group on Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals of the Intergovernmental Russian-Hungarian Commission on Economic Cooperation, spoke about the already implemented project in the field of healthcare that is aimed at ensuring the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population.

The attaché for foreign economic relations of the Embassy of Hungary in the Russian Federation Mark Nagy introduced the new foreign economic policy of Hungary. It is now focused on two tasks: supporting Hungarian exports and attracting foreign investment. “I want to emphasize that there is a very interesting program for the development of foreign markets. Under this program, Hungarian companies can participate in a tender for non-refundable government subsidies in order to create new investment projects abroad”, said Mark Nagy.

Olga Belous, Chairperson of the Guild of Medical Products and Services of the MCCI, expressed the wishes that Russian medical companies have regarding cooperation with the Hungarian side. She emphasized that it is not enough for a foreign manufacturer to simply transfer his know-how. It needs to be "configured" so that it actually works on the territory of the Russian Federation. “The first thing that is needed now is quality. This is not just a word, private clinics have a choice. And they will choose what suits their needs. There is a lot of emphasis on this!" - Olga Belous stressed. It is also very important to train Russian personnel to work with imported medical equipment and maintenance service of it.

Director General of Sanatmetal CIS LLC Anton Rybakov spoke about his company, which is implementing a successful business project together with Hungarian partners.

Uyvari Gergö, the head of the international sales department of the Hungarian company EMD Ltd, presented the instruments that his company produces for neurosurgical, endoscopic and laparoscopic operations. All the products described have the necessary certification and are exported to 24 countries around the world.

Irina Zolotova, Director General of Medpartner LLC, spoke in detail about the procedure for registering medical devices under the national legislation of the Russian Federation and registering medical devices under the EAEU rules.

Alexei Chursin, the leading expert of the Commission for the Visegrad Group of the MCCI, listed national priorities and revealed the structure of state management of medical innovation in Russia. He confirmed that at present, priority areas remain "associated with stimulating the creation of new enterprises using advanced technologies”. That include biomedical, genomic, progenomic, postgenomic, bioinformatics and cellular technologies, as well as technologies to reduce losses from socially significant diseases. The tasks of reducing the mortality rate of the population with an emphasis on solving problems in the field of oncology and chronic diseases are put to the fore. “The main goal is to increase the average life expectancy over 80 years,” explained Aleksey Chursin. He also briefly spoke about the projects "teledoctor", "electronic guide for the blind" and the platform for managing the clinic, aimed at increasing its efficiency "Medex".

Deputy Chairman of the Commission for the Visegrad Group of the MCCI Vladimir Mikhailov spoke about the work of the MCCI Commission for Foreign Economic Cooperation with partners from the Visegrad Group countries.

The event was held with the support of the Moscow Government and the Moscow Department of Economic Policy and Development.                  

Source: MCCI   

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